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Radical change begins at home, and 10% of every sale will always be donated to nonprofit companies dedicated to doing good.


Laura Wasserman is the resident artist and owner of Radical Craft // Rad Craft Studios. I love learning new crafts and skills, and feel most like myself when I'm working with my hands.

I took my first spoon carving class in January 2016, taught by artist Windy Chien. Woodworking dove straight into that happy place in my heart — I love the physicality of this art form: finding inspiration in a hunk of wood; using hand tools not power tools; paying keen attention to each form as its unique design is revealed with one grit of sandpaper, and then another.

Fiber arts is my other creative passion. Weavings and wall hangings that often use explosive color and lean towards the abstract. As an improvisational weaver, every layout and assortment of colors and fiber used is decided while a weaving is in progress. It’s how I challenge myself to trust my intuition as a maker.

My background includes a fine arts degree in creative writing, and artistic explorations have also included letterpress printing and design, bookbinding, and linoleum block printing.

Your support allows me to continue doing what I love, and together we’re donating 10% of every sale to nonprofits.

Nonprofits and champions for change we support:
East Bay SPCA • Planned Parenthood • Sierra Club • Greenpeace • World Wildlife Fund • Natural Resources Defense Council • American Civil Liberties Union