Laura Wasserman // Rad Craft Studios

Radical change begins at home, and 10% of every sale will always be donated to nonprofit companies dedicated to doing good.

Laura Wasserman is a fiber artist and autobiographical weaver based in the East Bay, CA, whose bold, abstract weavings and notably feminist compositions explore the power of fiber to both comfort and evoke. Her mixed media pieces are maximalist in nature, often use explosive color, experiment with found and recycled materials, and incorporate her own brand of small-batch handspun yarns.

Intuitive Weaving • Weaving as Healing

Every weaving is telling a story—capturing an emotional landscape and marking a moment in time. Personal narratives highlighted in her work include loss and motherhood. As an improvisational weaver, every layout and assortment of colors and fiber used is decided while a weaving is in progress. With formal degrees in creative writing, her weavings are entirely self-taught explorations.


Nonprofits and champions for change we support:
East Bay SPCA • Planned Parenthood • Sierra Club • Greenpeace • World Wildlife Fund • Natural Resources Defense Council • American Civil Liberties Union