Any questions beyond those listed here, feel free to get in touch!

Q: What’s the fine print on your 10% donation policy to nonprofits?
A: I reserve 10% of every purchase for charitable donation to nonprofits that support my values and the causes I care about in my community. When the reserves meet $50, I donate that lump sum to one of the organizations listed on the ‘About’ page.

Q: What’s so radical about Rad Craft Studios?
A: The idea that doing the work we love isn’t enough. After the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, I took time to reflect on how my work could in turn be a form of activism — of protest — and offer actual benefits to the causes I care about. As a maker, I’m thrilled if a piece of art I create reaches the hands of another human and brings light to their heart or beauty to their home. But what if that work reaches beyond the home and affects change beyond you and me, and translates to the community? And what if this policy of donating part of every purchase in turn inspires other artists and makers and businesses and CEOs to contemplate how their work can give back to the globe — that is pretty radical.

Q: How often are new weavings and products listed for sale?
A: At this time, there’s no regular schedule for when new items are available and will be posted. Because each item is carefully made by hand, many hours of weaving or carving, shaping, and sanding go into each piece. Generally, when new items are available, three to five listings will be posted at once and announced on my Instagram feed: @radcraftstudios.

Q: Can I order bulk quantities of a spoon or other handmade items?
A: I’m a slow-crafter and the production rate in my shop is: all good things in good time. I don’t offer wholesale or bulk purchases at this time. I am, however, open to custom orders. Contact me to discuss!

Q: Some of your products have an irregular shape — what causes that?
A: These are not machine-made products; every item in my shop is 100% handcrafted and, as a result, no two items will ever be alike. Made from a natural material, the grain, color, and weight of woodenwares will also vary. I’ve always found the slight imperfections of a handmade item are what offer the real beauty — that the “quirks” of a product or design are actually what reflect the maker’s style.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Returns are not accepted at this time. I’m a one-woman production shop handling every aspect of my business from start to finish, and can’t accommodate the overhead of returns processing at this time. I DO, however, welcome feedback! If you are unsatisfied with an item, please contact me with your concerns so I can do my best to make it right or address these issues for future purchases.