Product Care


Occasional care for your weaving will ensure it lasts for decades to come!

— Fluff or pat fiber that gathers dust over time (or hold firm to the borders and give it a good shake)
— Take care when moving your weaving for hanging in a new location
— Avoid hanging in direct sunlight
— Moths are a weaving's worst enemy; check pieces occasionally, front and back, for unwelcome guests


Spoons and woodenwares:

Every wooden product has been sanded for a buttery-smooth finish and is conditioned with wood butter before shipping to you.

Regularly apply mineral oil or wood butter (board cream and wood moisturizer can be found at most hardwood stores) after washing and drying, or when wood begins to look lighter in color. 

If not maintained, wooden utensils become prone to drying and cracking with use. Regular moisturizing ensures the longevity and strength of your spoon!

Food-based oils, such as almond oil or olive oil, are NOT recommended for moisturizing spoons. Food-based oils become rancid over time and will cause damage to the spoon.